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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kare-udon (Curry udon)

Udon noodles in curry sauce. カレーうどん。

An interesting and delicious "fusion" dish where Japanese udon noodles are served in a curry soup. The curry soup can be made with curry roux or from left-over curry.

Curry udon
[Photo Ad Blankestijn]

It is a good idea to add some dashi to make it thinner in that case. Another way is to use curry powder and add flour or starch to make the soup thicker.

As regards which ingredients to add, there is a lot of freedom here: onions and green spring onions are staples, meat in the form of small slices of beef or chicken is optional. In the example here, Chinese cabbage and "gobo-maki" have been added. Gobo-maki are rolls of fish paste with a piece of burdock in the center. Curry udon is an excellent example of a combination of two popular dishes!