Ingredients, dishes and drinks from Japan by Ad Blankestijn

Sunday, July 10, 2011


A thin omelet (usuyaki-tamago) wrapped around rice which has been flavored with tomato ketchup (kechappu) or tomato puree. オムライス.

Usually also contains a few pieces of chicken or boiled ham. A dab of ketchup decorates the top. Normally eaten with a spoon.

The name is combination of the French omelette and the English rice. Omuraisu was first served in 1902, at a Western-style restaurant called Rengatei in Tokyo's Ginza district. Another contender is an Osaka restaurant, "Panya no Shokudo" (now Hokkyokusei), of which the owner started serving omuraisu in 1925.

Also called chikin-raisu (Japanese-style chicken pilaf).

A dish popular with children.

There are specialist restaurants serving only Omuraisu dishes. In that case, different ingredients and sauces are used to distinguish the various plates: chicken, pork, mushrooms, crab, beef, shrimp, curry, white sauce, cheese, demi-glace etc. etc.

Instead of rice, occasionally also soba can be used, resulting in Omusoba.

[Omu-raisu in Ippei, an old Yoshoku restaurant in Kobe. Photo Ad Blankestijn]