Ingredients, dishes and drinks from Japan by Ad Blankestijn

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Takikomi Gohan

Mixed rice. 炊き込みご飯、五目ご飯.

Rice which has been cooked with various ingredients and seasoned with dashi or soy sauce. Also called gomoku gohan ("five ingredients mixed rice") or kayaku gohan. Sometimes seasonally bound ingredients are used. Both served in restaurants and at home. Also popular in ekiben.

Difference with zosui is that zosui is a porridge, while in the case of takikomi gohan the rice remains dry. It should also be distinguished from maze gohan: in maze gohan the ingredients are mized in after the rice has been cooked, while in the case of takikomi gohan they are cooked together with the rice.

Takikomi-gohan (kuri, matsutake)
[Takikomi gohan with chestnuts and matsutake mushrooms, an autumn dish. Photo Ad Blankestijn]

Here are some examples:
  • Gomoku gohan, the basic form of mixed rice where various sliced vegetables are used as carrots, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and meats as chicken.
  • Taimeshi, rice with sea bream
  • Matsutake gohan, rice with matsutake mushrooms
  • Kanimeshi, rice with crab
  • Ayumeshi, rice with ayu sweetfish