Ingredients, dishes and drinks from Japan by Ad Blankestijn

Friday, January 27, 2012


Curry bread. カレーパン. A type of sozai-pan, buns with savory fillings ("sozai" is the term for the side dishes eaten with rice). It is a good and delicious example of "Japanese-style" bread.

Curry is so popular in Japan that it is even used as a filling for buns. A spoonful of curry is wrapped in dough, breaded in panko (bread crumbs), and deep-fried. Perhaps the idea came from the Russian pirozhki (pirozhki are also popular in Japan, both in their original form and with non-regular Japanese-style fillings. The Sogo department store in Kobe, for example, sells nice "piroshiki" in its depachika).

Curry buns are everywhere, from convenience stores to supermarkets and - freshly made - in bakery stores.

Other types of sozai-pan are: pizza toast (pizza-tostu), croquette bread (korokke-pan), fried noodle bread (yakisoba-pan), and toasted baguette with mentaiko (mentaiko-furansu). Foreign types (also available in Japan) are for example, besides the above mentioned piroshiki: salteña, panino, hamburgers and hotdogs, while also the Chinese baozi is related.