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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Cutting. 切る。

Cutting is the most important technique in Japanese cooking, even more important than the various techniques of applying heat.

Cutting is done with a hocho, Japanese kitchen knife, of which the basic forms are:

Deba-bocho: Kitchen cleaver for fish (for filleting fish). Deba knife
Usuba-bocho: Vegetable knife. Usuba knife
Sashimi-bocho (Yanagi-bocho): Fish slicer (for cutting sashimi slices), Sashimi knife.

The most commonly used knife at home is called Banno-bocho ("knife suitable for everything, almighty knife") as it combines the above functions without becoming specialist.

Here are a few cutting techniques that occur often:

Sengiri: Julienne
Ichogiri: quarter rounds (in the form of Gingko leaves)
Hyojikigiri: square rectangles (in the form of wooden clappers)
Rangiri: rolling wedges (chopping)
Mijingiri: fine chopping