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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Largehead hairtail, Japanese cutlass fish. Trichiurus lepturus. 太刀魚、タチウオ。

The Japanese name "tachiuo" literally means "swordfish." The largehead hairtail is a member of the cutlass fish family. It is a long, slender fish (like an eel) which can grow to about 1.5 meter in length. The body has a shiny silvery color and the tail ends in a hairlike thread. The head looks rather mean, with sharp teeth like the pike conger (hamo). It lives in shallow coastal waters, rising to eat planktonic crustaceans during the day and returning to the sea bed at night.

Tachiuo is suitable for sashimi, and can be grilled or eaten as kara-age - shioyaki is probably the most delicious. It has a deliciously light taste and little fat. The season is autumn to winter.

Tachiuo no shioyaki
[Tachiuo no Shioyaki]